Synonyms to bold as brass

barefaced, arrant, audacious, aweless, bare-ankled, bare-armed, bare-backed, bare-breasted, bare-chested, bare-handed, bare-headed, bare-legged, bare-necked, blatant, blunt, bold, boldfaced, brassy, brazen, brazenfaced, candid, cheeky, downright, forward, frank, immodest, impertinent, impudent, indecent, indecorous, insolent, lost to shame, manifest, open, out-and-out, outright, overbold, pert, plain, saucy, shameless, sheer, swaggering, topless, unabashed, unalloyed, unblushing, unconcealed, undiluted, undisguised, unmitigated, unseemly, bold faced, blackface, boldface, chromotypic, chromotypographic, fresh, full-faced, lightface, lower-case, nervy, phototypic, sassy, smart, smart-alecky, stereotypic, typographic, upper-case, abrupt, adventurous, arrogant, bluff, bold-spirited, bossed, bossy, brash, brave, breakneck, bum