Synonyms to boiling water

geyser, Old Faithful, flush, font, fount, fountain, gush, hot spring, hot water, jet, rush, spew, spit, spout, spouter, spray, spritz, spurt, spurtle, squirt, steam, thermae, vapor, Dutch, bind, box, clutch, complication, corner, crunch, deep, embarrassing position, embarrassment, fine how-do-you-do, hell to pay, hobble, how-do-you-do, imbroglio, jam, mess, mix, morass, parlous straits, pass, pickle, pinch, plight, predicament, pretty pass, pretty pickle, pretty predicament, quagmire, quicksand, scrape, slough, spot, squeeze, stew, sticky wicket, strait, straits, swamp, tight spot, tight squeeze, tightrope, tricky spot, unholy mess, aerate, aerify, afterdamp, agua, amperage, aqua, armipotence, atomize, authority, bake, barbecue, baste, be in heat, beef, black power, blackdamp, blanch, blaze, bloom, blow, boat, boil, braise, breath, breathe out, brew, broil, brown, brute force, burn, canoe, carbonate, carry sail, chafe, charge, charisma, chlorinate, choke, chokedamp, circumnavigate, cloud, clout,