Synonyms to blowsy

dowdy, archaic, bygone, dated, demode, down-at-heel, down-at-the-heels, drab, draggletailed, dull, frayed, frazzled, frowsy, frowzy, frumpish, frumpy, full of holes, holey, in rags, in shreds, in tatters, messy, old hat, old-fashioned, out-of-date, outdated, outmoded, passe, patchy, ragged, raggedy, ratty, scruffy, seedy, shabby, shoddy, slattern, sloppy, slovenly, slut, sordid, stodgy, tacky, tattered, tatty, torn, traipse, unbecoming, unfashionable, unkempt, unseemly, vintage, funky, fusty, lax, musty, neglectful, negligent, noisome, rank, reeking, remiss, slack, smelly, stale, stinking, ruddy, Titian, Titian-red, absolute, blamed, blankety-blank, blasted, bleeding, blessed, blinking, bloody, blooming, blowzed, blowzy, blushful, blushing, bricky, burnt, cardinal, carmine, carnation, carnelian, cerise, cherry, cherry-colored, cherry-red, complete, confounded, crimson, dadburned, damask, damnable, danged, darned, dashed, deuced, doggone, doggoned, embarrassed, execrable, ferruginous, fiery, fire-red, flame-colored, flame-red, flaming, florid, flush, flushed,