Synonyms to blotting

absorbent, absorbency, absorption, adsorbent, adsorption, assimilation, blotter, blotting paper, chemisorption, chemosorption, digestion, endosmosis, engrossment, exosmosis, infiltration, osmosis, percolation, seepage, sorption, sponge, sponging, Walter Mitty, ablation, absence of mind, absentmindedness, absorbed attention, abstractedness, abstraction, application, attrition, bemusement, bile, brown study, burning up, castle-building, close study, concentration, consumption, contemplation, contemplativeness, daydream, daydreamer, daydreaming, deep study, deep thought, depletion, depth of thought, digestive system, drain, dream, dreaming, eating up, embarrassment, engagement, enmeshment, entanglement, erosion, exhaustion, expending, expenditure, fantasy, fantasying, finishing, fit of abstraction, gastric juice, gastrointestinal tract, imbibing, immersion, implication, impoverishment, inclusion, infiltrati