Synonyms to bloodsucker

barnacle, adherent, adhesive, beat, bramble, brier, bulldog, burr, cement, deadbeat, decal, decalcomania, freeloader, glue, gunk, hanger-on, leech, limpet, lounge lizard, molasses, mucilage, parasite, paste, plaster, prickle, remora, smell-feast, spiv, sponge, sponger, sticker, sucker, syrup, thorn, bedbug, blackmailer, extortioner, extortionist, harpy, moocher, mosquito, predator, profiteer, racketeer, raptor, scrounge, scrounger, shakedown artist, shark, tick, vampire, vulture, wood tick, beggar, bummer, cadger, caller, company, coupon clippers, deadhead, drone, free rider, frequenter, gate-crasher, guest, habitue, idle rich, leisure class, lumpen proletariat, mendicant, nonworker, panhandler, paper, paper house, pass holder, rentiers, the unemployable, the unemployed, uninvited guest, visitant, visitor, well, hanger on, appendage, attendant, b