Synonyms to blindfolded

bedazzled, blindfold, darkened, dazed, dazzled, dopey, excecate, groggy, hoodwinked, in a daze, knocked silly, mazed, obscured, punch-drunk, punchy, silly, slaphappy, snow-blind, snow-blinded, woozy, abstruse, armored, beamless, beclouded, between the lines, beyond one, black, black as night, blind, buried, caliginous, cased, ceiled, cloaked, close, clouded, coated, complex, complicated, concealed, coped, covered, covert, cowled, crabbed, cramp, cryptic, curtained, dark, dark as night, dark as pitch, darkling, darksome, delitescent, difficult, dormant, ebon, ebony, eclipsed, encapsulated, encapsuled, encased, enveloped, enwrapped, esoteric, filmed, floored, garbled, guarded, hard, hard to understand, hibernating, hid, hidden, hooded, housed, in a cloud, in a fog, in eclipse, in purdah, in the wings, incommunicado, intricate, jumbled, knotty, latent, loricate, loricated, lurking, mantled, masked, muffled, mysterious, mystic, night-black, night-clad, night-cloaked, night-dark, night-enshrouded, night-filled, night-