Synonyms to bleakly

gravely, decorously, demurely, dismally, drearily, earnestly, formally, funereally, gloomily, grandly, grimly, heavily, imposingly, intensely, loftily, magisterially, majestically, nobly, regally, royally, sadly, sedately, seriously, severely, sober-mindedly, soberly, sobersidedly, solemnly, somberly, sombrously, staidly, stately, thoughtfully, venerably, with dignity, worthily, adamantly, appallingly, austerely, banefully, direly, dourly, dreadfully, firmly, frowningly, gloweringly, glumly, grumly, harshly, hideously, horribly, horridly, immovably, immutably, implacably, inclemently, inexorably, inflexibly, intransigently, irreconcilably, loweringly, moodily, mopingly, morosely, mumpishly, obdurately, relentlessly, rigidly, rigorously, roughly, ruggedly, scowlingly, shockingly, sternly, stiffly, strictly, stringently, sulkily, sullenly, surlily, terribly,