Synonyms to bioastronautics

astronautics, aeronautics, aerospace medicine, aerospace research, aerospace science, aerospace technology, air service, airline, aviation, ballooning, blind flying, cloud-seeding, commercial aviation, contact flying, cruising, escape velocity, flight, flying, general aviation, gliding, grand tour, interplanetary travel, pilotage, rocketry, sailing, sailplaning, science fiction, soaring, space flight, space medicine, space travel, space walk, step flight, trip to Mars, winging, campaign, circuit, course, excursion, expedition, jaunt, journey, junket, outing, package tour, peregrination, pilgrimage, pleasure trip, progress, round trip, rubberneck tour, run, safari, sally, shoot, stalk, tour, trek, trip, turn, voyage, aerial photography, aeroballistics, aerodynamics, aerogeology, aerography, aerolog