Synonyms to big boy

big gun, Establishment, VIP, baron, big cheese, big man, big name, big noise, big shot, big wheel, bigwig, brass, brass hat, celebrity, chief, dignitary, dignity, elder, father, figure, great gun, great man, high-muck-a-muck, important person, interests, leader, lion, lords of creation, magnate, man of mark, mogul, nabob, name, notability, notable, panjandrum, person of renown, personage, personality, pillar of society, power, power elite, ruling circle, sachem, somebody, something, the great, the top, top brass, top people, tycoon, very important person, worthy, BMOC, Rasputin, Svengali, access, bad influence, big-time operator, big-timer, court, eminence grise, five-percenter, friend at court, good influence, gray eminence, heavyweight, hidden hand, his nibs, influence, influence peddler, influencer, ingroup, key, kingmaker, lobby, lobbyist, man of influence, manipulator, open sesame, powers that be, pressure group, sinister influence, special interests, special-interest grou