Synonyms to bid fair to

augur, Cassandra, Druid, adumbrate, argue, astrologer, bespeak, betoken, bode, calamity howler, crystal gazer, divinator, divine, diviner, divineress, forebode, forecast, forecaster, foreknower, foreseer, foreshadow, foreshow, foreshower, foreteller, foretoken, fortuneteller, geomancer, haruspex, hint, imply, indicate, intimate, mean, omen, palmist, point to, portend, predict, predictor, prefigure, prefigurer, preindicate, presage, presager, presign, presignal, presignify, pretypify, prognosticate, prognosticator, promise, prophesier, prophesy, prophet, prophet of doom, prophetess, psychic, pythoness, religious prophets, seer, seeress, shadow forth, signify, soothsay, soothsayer, spell, suggest, token, typify, vates, vaticinate, weather prophet, gamble, accidentality, actuarial calculation, admit of, adventitiousness, ante, ante up, back, be liable, be subjected to, bet, bet on, blind bargain, borderline case, brave, break, call, cast lots, casualness, challenge, chance, compromise, contingency, count on, court destruction, cover, cut lots, cut the cards, dare, defy, defy danger, destin