Synonyms to betray itself

come along, advance, ameliorate, amend, appear, approach, arise, be found, be so, be such, bechance, befall, betide, chance, clear, clear the hurdle, come, come forth, come into being, come into existence, come on, come out, come through, come to hand, come to light, contrive, cover ground, crop up, cut the mustard, develop, discover itself, do well, draw on, engineer, enjoy prosperity, fare, farewell, gain, gain ground, gather head, gather way, get ahead, get along, get by, get on, get on swimmingly, get on well, go, go ahead, go along, go fast, go forward, go on, go well, graduate, grow better, hack it, hang out, hap, happen, happen along, happen by chance, hazard, improve, look up, make good time, make head against, make headway, make it, make out, make progress, make progress against, make strides, make the grade, make up leeway, manage, manage somehow, materialize, meliorate, mend, move, move forward, muddle through, negotiate, pass along, pass on, perk up, pick up, pop up, present itself, proceed, progress, prosper, put over, put through, roll, scrape along, shape up, show improvement,