Synonyms to benedicite

benediction, OK, acknowledgment, advantage, approval, benefit, benison, blessing, boon, cognizance, credit, crediting, favor, godsend, grace, hymn, invocation, paean, praise, prayer of thanks, recognition, thank offering, thank-you, thanks, thanksgiving, Godspeed, acceptance, accord, acquiescence, act of grace, act of kindness, adherence, admiration, affirmation, affirmative, affirmative voice, agreement, approbation, assent, asset, avail, aye, beatification, beatitude, behalf, behoof, benefaction, benevolence, benignity, best wishes, blessedness, bounty, break, canonization, compliance, compliment, congratulation, connivance, consecration, consent, countenance, courtesy, dedication, devotion, eagerness, endorsement, enshrinement, esteem, exaltation, favorable vote, felicitation, felicity, fluke, fortunateness, fortune, gain, gift, glorification, good, good deed, good fortune, good luck, good offices, good turn, good wishes, gratulation, hallowing, happy fortune, help, interest, jus