Synonyms to bellied

bellylike, bug-eyed, bulged, bulging, convex, exophthalmic, goggle, goggled, popeyed, pouched, rotund, round, rounded, rounded out, swollen, tumescent, tumid, tumorous, turgescent, turgid, ventricose, bug eyed, cockeyed, cross-eyed, glare-eyed, monocular, moon-eyed, one-eyed, saucer-eyed, swivel-eyed, walleyed, SRO, bagging, baggy, ballooning, bellying, billowing, billowy, bloated, bosomy, brimful, brimming, bulbose, bulbous, bumped, bumpy, bunched, bunchy, bursting, capacity, chock-full, chuck-full, congested, cram-full, crammed, distended, farci, filled, flush, full, full to bursting, hillocky, hummocky, jam-packed, moutonnee, overfull, overstuffed, packed, packed like sardines, plenary, pneumatic, potbellied, pouching, ready to burst, replete, satiated, saturated, soaked, standing room only, stuffed, surfeited, swelling, topful, verrucated, verrucose, warty, arched, arciform, arclike, ar