Synonyms to beg pardon

apologize, alibi, alibi out of, apologize for, ask forgiveness, beg indulgence, cover with excuses, defend, do penance, espouse, excuse, express regret, justify, lie out of, make apology for, offer excuse for, plead guilty, plead ignorance, reform, repent, squirm out of, take back, think better of, vindicate, worm out of, acknowledge, admit, admit everything, allow, avow, come clean, concede, confess, cop a plea, grant, let on, open up, out with it, own, own up, spill, spill it, spit it out, tell all, tell the truth, Fabianism, about-face, accommodate, accommodation, acculturate, adapt, adaptation, adjust, adjustment, advance, alter, alteration, ameliorate, amelioration, amend, amendment, apostasy, better, betterment, bleach, boost, bowdlerize, break, break up, bring forward, change, change of allegiance, change of heart, change of mind, changeableness, civilize, clean, clean out, clean up, cleanse, clear out, constructive change, continuity, conversion, convert, correct, correctio