Synonyms to beaver

activist, ball of fire, big-time operator, bustler, busy bee, doer, eager beaver, enthusiast, go-getter, human dynamo, hustler, live wire, man of action, man of deeds, militant, new broom, operator, political activist, powerhouse, take-charge guy, wheeler-dealer, winner, aegis, abetment, advocacy, arm guard, armament, armor, auspices, backing, backstop, bard, brassard, breastplate, buckler, buffer, bulletproof vest, bulwark, bumper, care, championship, charity, coif, contraceptive, copyright, corselet, countenance, crash helmet, cuirass, cushion, dashboard, dodger, encouragement, face mask, favor, fender, finger guard, foot guard, fosterage, fuse, gas mask, gauntlet, goggles, goodwill, governor, guard, guardrail, guidance, habergeon, hand guard, handrail, hard hat, hauberk, headpiece, helm, helmet, insulation, interest, interlock, jamb, knee guard, knuckle guard, laminated glass, life preserver, lifeline, lightning conductor, lightning rod, lorica, mail, mask, mudguard, nasal, nose guard, pad, padding, palladium, patent, patronage, pilot, plate, preventive, prophylactic, protection, protective cl