Synonyms to be vigilant

look after, administer to, attend, attend on, attend to, baby-sit, be watchful, care for, chaperon, cherish, chore, conserve, dance attendance upon, do for, do service to, drudge, eye, eyeball, follow, foster, gaze at, have a looksee, help, hold in view, keep in sight, keep in view, keep under observation, keep watch over, lackey, look at, look on, look out for, look to, look upon, maid, matronize, mind, minister to, mother, nurse, nurture, observe, pander to, preserve, protege, provide for, reconnoiter, regard, ride herd on, scout, see after, see to, serve, shepherd, spy upon, support, take care of, take charge of, tend, upon, valet, view, wait, wait on, watch, watch out for, watch over, work for, autopsy, be disposed to, canvass, check, check out, check over, check up on, consider, contemplate, examine, feel about it, gape, give an examination, go over, incline toward, inspect, lean toward, look at it, look over, look up