Synonyms to be rash

catch at straws, ask for it, be hopeful, be reckless, carp, cavil, cut up, fault-find, find fault, go too far, keep hope alive, keep hoping, knock on wood, never say die, nitpick, pettifog, pick holes, pick to pieces, pull apart, pull to pieces, quibble, take exception, take heart, tear apart, tear to pieces, advance upon, break bounds, carry too far, encroach, exaggerate, exhaust, go overboard, go to extremes, infringe, intrude, invade, irrupt, know no bounds, make an inroad, overact, overcarry, overdevelop, overdo, overdrive, overelaborate, overemphasize, overexercise, overexert, overexpend, overindulge, overlabor, overplay, overreact, overspend, overstep, overstep the bounds, overstrain, overstress, overstudy, overtask, overtax, overtrain, overuse, overwork, pass all bounds, protest too much, transgress, trespass, usurp