Synonyms to be liable

gamble, accidentality, actuarial calculation, admit of, adventitiousness, ante, ante up, back, be subjected to, bet, bet on, bid fair to, blind bargain, borderline case, brave, break, call, cast lots, casualness, challenge, chance, compromise, contingency, count on, court destruction, cover, cut lots, cut the cards, dare, defy, defy danger, destiny, double contingency, draw lots, draw straws, encounter danger, endanger, expose, face, face up to, fade, fate, flukiness, forget the odds, fortuitousness, fortuity, fortune, gamble on, gamble with, game, good fortune, good luck, guess, hap, happenstance, happy chance, hazard, heedless hap, how they fall, imperil, incur danger, indeterminacy, indeterminateness, jeopard, jeopardize, jeopardy, law of averages, lay, lay a wager, lay down, lay open, lie under, lot, luck, make a bet, make book, match coins, meet a bet, moira, open question, opportunity, parlay, pass, peril, piece of guesswork, play, play against, play at dice, play the ponies, play with fire, plunge, predict, principle of indeterminacy, probability, problematicness, prognosticate, punt, pu