Synonyms to be found

be, abide, be extant, be in existence, be met with, be present, be the case, be there, breathe, come, continue, endure, exist, go on, happen to be, have being, have place, hold, live, move, obtain, occur, persist, prevail, remain, stand, subsist, befall, be realized, bechance, betide, break, chance, come about, come along, come down, come off, come to pass, come true, develop, eventuate, fall, fall out, go, go off, hap, happen, happen along, happen by chance, hazard, pass, pass off, pop up, take place, transpire, turn up, accept, acquire, admit, annex, apply, arouse, assume, bag, be in, be in force, be seized of, be the rage, be the rule, be the thing, bring, bring back, bring forth, bring on, bring out, bring to light, buy, call for, call forth, call out, call up, capture, catch, chalk up, chase after, come by, come in for, come into, contract, contrive, corral, deduce, derive, derive from, dominate, drag down, drag out, draw, draw down, draw forth, draw from, draw on, dra