Synonyms to bathing

acrobatics, Rugby, aerobatics, agonistics, association football, athletics, banking, chandelle, crabbing, dive, diving, fishtailing, glide, gymnastics, natation, nose dive, palaestra, power dive, pull-up, pullout, pushdown, rolling, rugger, sideslip, soccer, spiral, sports, stall, stunting, swimming, tactical maneuvers, track, track and field, tumbling, volplane, zoom, affusion, aspergation, aspersion, baptism, baptismal gown, baptismal regeneration, baptistery, baptizement, bath, bedewing, chrismal, christening, dampening, damping, deluge, dewing, drowning, flooding, font, hosing, hosing down, humidification, immersion, infusion, inundation, irrigation, laving, moistening, rinsing, sparging, spattering, splashing, splattering, spraying, sprinkling, submersion, swashing, total immersion, watering, wetting, amusement, breather, calisthenics, diversion, drill, entertainment, exercise, exercising, games, gymnastic exercises, isometrics, pastime, physical education, physical jerks, practice