Synonyms to backyard

turf, alcohol, ambit, archery ground, area, athletic field, badminton court, bailiwick, banish, baseball field, basketball court, benzine, billiard parlor, bounce, bowling alley, bowling green, briquette, burnable, butane, carbon, charcoal, coal, coke, combustible, constituency, course, court, cricket ground, croquet ground, croquet lawn, diamond, dismiss, divot, dope, eject, ethane, ethanol, exile, expel, fairway, field, fire, fireball, firing, flammable, flammable material, football field, footing, fuel, fuel additive, fuel dope, gas, gas carbon, gasoline, glaciarium, golf course, golf links, grass, green, greensward, gridiron, gym, gymnasium, heptane, hexane, ice rink, infield, inflammable, inflammable material, isooctane, jet fuel, kerosene, lawn, links, methane, methanol, natural gas, octane, oil, orbit, oust, outfield, oval, paraffin, peat, pentane, playground, playing field, playroom, polo ground, pool hall, poolroom, propane, propellant, putting green, racecourse, racing, racket court, region, rink, rocket fuel, sack, skating rink, soccer field, sod, sphere, sphere of influence, squash court, stamp