Synonyms to avenging

avenge, avengement, chasten, chastise, compensate, correct, counterblow, even the score, get even with, launch a vendetta, pay back, pay out, punish, recompense, redress, repay, reprisal, requital, requite, retaliate, retribution, revanche, revenge, right, take revenge, vengeance, vindicate, wreckage, implacable, adamant, adamantine, cast-iron, cruel, dour, firm, flinty, grim, grudgeful, hard, hard-core, immovable, immutable, impliable, inelastic, inexorable, inflexible, intractable, intransigent, iron, irreconcilable, merciless, mortal, pitiless, punitive, punitory, rancorous, relentless, retaliatory, revanchist, revengeful, rigid, rigorous, rock-ribbed, ruthless, steely, stern, stiff, unaffected, unalterable, unappeasable, unbending, unchangeable, uncompassionate, uncompromising, unflinching, unforgiving, ungiving, unmoved, unrelenting, unsympathetic, unyielding, vengeful, vindicatory, vindictive, abnormal, absurd, alienated, anomalous, assorted, at odds, at variance, bitter-ender, brawler, contrary, contrasted, contrasting, defend