Synonyms to automobile racing

horse racing, bingo, card games, chuck and toss, chuck farthing, chuck-a-luck, crack-loo, crap game, crap shooting, craps, dog racing, fan-tan, hazard, keno, lotto, pinball, pitch and toss, policy, racing, rouge et noir, roulette, shell game, sweepstake, sweepstakes, the numbers, the numbers game, the turf, track, track sports, trente-et-quarante, affluent, confluent, coursing, decurrent, defluent, diffluent, flowing, fluent, fluxional, fluxive, gulfy, gushing, mazy, meandering, pouring, profluent, running, rushing, serpentine, sluggish, streaming, surging, surgy, tidal, vortical, L, Rugby, a reckoning of, account of, acrobatics, afterclap, aftercrop, aftereffect, afterglow, aftergrowth, afterimage, aftermath, aftertaste, agonistics, aim, air lane, alameda, alley, apprehend, archery ground, artery, association football, athletic field, athletics, attend, avenue, azimuth, backwash, badminton court, baseball field, basketball court, bathing, bearing, beat, beaten path, beaten track,