Synonyms to astonishing thing

amazement, admiration, amaze, astonishment, astoundment, awe, beguilement, bewilderment, breathless wonder, confoundment, curiosity, dumbfoundment, exception, fascination, gazingstock, marvel, marveling, marvelment, miracle, nonesuch, phenomenon, prodigy, puzzlement, quite a thing, rarity, sensation, sense of mystery, sense of wonder, sight, something else, spectacle, stunner, stupefaction, surprise, wonder, wonderful thing, wonderment, abnormality, anomaly, ardor, bauble, bric-a-brac, cathexis, concern, concernment, concupiscence, conversation piece, curio, desideration, desire, drive, eagerness, enthusiasm, fancy, fantasy, freak, gewgaw, hope, horme, improbability, inquisitiveness, intellectual curiosity, interest, interestedness, interference, intrusiveness, libido, lust for learning, matter of interest, meddlesomeness, mind, monstrosity, museum piece, need, nosiness, objet d'art, oddity, passion, pleasure, pleasure principle, prodigiosity, pr