Synonyms to assumably

as it were, assumedly, assumptively, figuratively, figuratively speaking, in a manner, in a way, in seeming, kind of, metaphorically, presumably, presumedly, presumptively, quasi, reputedly, seemingly, so to say, so to speak, sort of, supposably, supposedly, suppositionally, supposititiously, symbolically, doubtless, absolutely, admittedly, assured, believing, beyond doubt, beyond question, by all odds, certain, certainly, confident, convinced, definitely, devout, dogmatic, dollars to doughnuts, doubtlessly, faithful, fideistic, for certain, for sure, impressed with, in all likelihood, in all probability, incontestably, indisputably, indubious, indubitably, irrefragably, irrefutably, like enough, likely, make no mistake, most likely, naturally, no doubt, out of question, past dispute, persuaded, pietistic, pious, pistic, positive, positively, probably, questionless, satisfied, secure, sold on, sure, surely, ten to one, truly, unchallenged, uncontested, uncontradicted, uncontroversial, uncontroverted, undeniably, under the impression, un