Synonyms to as long as

as, as far as, at which time, being, cause, considering, during which time, for, inasmuch as, just so, seeing, since, so, so as, so long as, so that, the while, when, whereas, while, whilst, ad eundem, after this fashion, along these lines, as an example, as an instance, as things go, as well, at what price, because, being as how, by what mode, by what name, ceteris paribus, correspondingly, equally, equivalently, evenly, exempli gratia, for example, for instance, forasmuch as, how, identically, in such wise, in that, in this way, in what way, indifferently, insofar as, insomuch as, like, now, parce que, proportionately, seeing as how, seeing that, thus, thus and so, to illustrate, without distinction, at the same time, above, ad interim, additionally, after all, again, albeit, all included, all the same, all together, also, although, altogether, among other things, and all, and also, and so, as one, as one man, at a clip, at all events, at any rate, at one time, at that time, at whi