Synonyms to arrange for

forearm, arm, biceps, clear the decks, consider every angle, elbow, guard against, hedge, lay by, leave out nothing, look out for, make provision for, make sure, make sure against, overlook no possibility, play safe, prepare for, provide a hedge, provide against, provide for, reef down, shorten sail, take measures, take precautions, take steps, upper arm, wrist, abandon, adjourn, aestivate, assign, cede, conserve, continue, decree, defer, define, delay, drag out, extend, give up, hand over, hang fire, hang up, have nothing on, head to wind, hibernate, hold back, hold off, hold over, hold up, husband, impose, keep, keep back, keep by one, keep in reserve, keep in store, keep on hand, lay aside, lay away, lay in, lay off, lay over, lay to, lay up, leave, lie ahull, lie by, lie dormant, lie fallow, lie idle, lie off, lie to, lie up, ordain, pigeonhole, postpone, prescribe, preserve, prolong, prorogate, prorogue, protract, push aside, put apart, put aside, put away, put by