Synonyms to arguments

reasoning, Vernunft, abstract thought, act of thought, analysis, analytic, brain, brains, brainwork, cerebral, cerebration, cogitation, conceit, conception, conceptive, conceptual, conceptualization, creative thought, discourse of reason, discursive reason, endopsychic, esprit, excogitation, explanation, explication, gray matter, head, headpiece, headwork, heavy thinking, hypothesis, idea, ideation, imageless thought, intellect, intellection, intellectual, intellectual exercise, intellectual faculty, intellectualization, intelligence, intelligent, internal, logic, mens, mental, mental act, mental capacity, mental labor, mental process, mentality, mentation, mind, noesis, noetic, noological, nous, phrenic, postulate, power of reason, premises, psyche, psychic, psychologic, ratio, ratiocination, ratiocinative, ratiocinatory, rational, rationale, rationality, rationalization, reason, reasoning faculty, reasons, smarts, spiritual, straight thinking, subjective, theory, thinking, thinking aloud, thinking out, thought, understanding