Synonyms to arbitrarily

lightly, a bit, a little, airily, barely, blithely, by a hair, by an ace, capriciously, cheerfully, cheerily, easily, effortlessly, ever so little, exiguously, facilely, faintly, fancifully, feebly, flightily, freely, frivolously, genially, gladly, hands down, happily, hardly, hopefully, idly, immaterially, imperfectly, inadvertently, inappreciably, inconsequentially, insignificantly, irrepressibly, jauntily, joyfully, just a bit, like clockwork, like nothing, little, meagerly, minimally, minutely, negligently, negligibly, no sweat, not hardly, on easy terms, only just, optimistically, permissively, pettily, pleasantly, readily, remissly, scampingly, scantily, scarcely, shallowly, simply, skimpingly, slightingly, slightly, slurringly, smilingly, smoothly, superficially, swimmingly, tant soit peu, triflingly, trivially, unessentially, unimportantly, unreasonably, unrigorously, weakly, well, whimsically, with good cheer, without difficulty, masterfully, ably, adeptly, adroitly, agilely, aptly, artfully, artistically, autocratically, brilliantly, capably, cleverly, competently, cun