Synonyms to apprehensively

anxiously, animatedly, avidly, breathlessly, concernedly, eagerly, enthusiastically, fretfully, impatiently, intolerantly, keenly, misgivingly, promptly, quickly, readily, restively, restlessly, solicitously, uneasily, vivaciously, with alacrity, with gusto, with open arms, with relish, with zest, worriedly, zealously, zestfully, with bated breath, abjectly, anticipatingly, anticipatively, anticipatorily, anxious, apprehensive, aside, bashfully, behind the curtain, behind the scenes, behind the veil, between the teeth, covertly, diffidently, expectantly, expectingly, fearfully, for fear of, hopefully, humbly, in a corner, in a whisper, in an aside, in darkness, in hidlings, in secret, in suspense, in the background, in the dark, keyed-up, meekly, modestly, mousily, nobody the wiser, on all fours, on bended knee, on edge, on tenterhooks, on tiptoe, out of earshot, quakingly, quivering, secretly, shrinkingly, shyly, sotto voce, sub rosa, submissively, taut, tense, timidly, timorously, tremblingly, tremulously, under the breath, under the rose, undercover, undergroun