Synonyms to apostle

Aaronic priesthood, Ambrose of Milan, Athanasius, Barnabas, Basil, Clement of Alexandria, Clement of Rome, Cyprian of Carthage, Cyril of Jerusalem, Gregory of Nyssa, Hermas, Ignatius, Irenaeus, Jerome, John, John Chrysostom, Justin Martyr, Lactantius Firmianus, Luke, Mark, Melchizedek priesthood, Origen, Papias, Paul, Peter, Polycarp, Seventy, Tertullian, ante-Nicene Fathers, bishop, colporteur, convert, converter, deacon, disciple, elder, evangelist, follower, high priest, missionary, missioner, patriarch, priest, propagandist, proselyte, proselyter, proselytizer, saint, teacher, Dutch uncle, Polonius, admonisher, adviser, advisor, backseat driver, boss, buttinsky, bwana, chef, chief, church dignitary, cicerone, coach, confidant, consultant, counsel, counselor, docent, doctor, dominie, don, ecclesiarch, educationist, educator, employer, expert, fellow, forerunner, goodman, guide, guru, husband, instructor, kibitzer, lecturer, liege, liege lord, lord, lord paramount, master, meddler, mentor, mis