Synonyms to antipasto

antepast, aperitif, appetizer, canape, course, cover, dessert, dish, entree, entremets, foretaste, help, helping, place, plate, portion, prelibation, second helping, service, serving, smorgasbord, whet, Mickey, Mickey Finn, chaser, cocktail, doch-an-dorrach, drink, eye-opener, highball, knockout drops, mixed drink, nightcap, parting cup, pousse-cafe, punch, stirrup cup, sundowner, wee doch-an-dorrach, BLT, Dagwood sandwich, Sloppy Joe, Swiss cheese sandwich, bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich, cheeseburger, corned beef sandwich, double-decker sandwich, egg salad sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich, grinder, ham sandwich, hamburger, hoagy, hot dog, pastrami sandwich, poor boy, sandwich, submarine sandwich, tuna salad sandwich, tunaburger, anticipate, contemplate, envisage, envision, foreglimpse, forerun, foresee, forestall, get ahead of, go before, go off half-cocked, jump the gun,