Synonyms to anticipatively

hopefully, after a time, after a while, afterward, afterwards, airily, anon, anticipatingly, anticipatorily, before long, blithely, by and by, by destiny, cheerfully, cheerily, confidently, expectantly, expectedly, expectingly, fatally, fondly, genially, gladly, happily, hopingly, imminently, in aftertime, in the future, irrepressibly, jauntily, joyfully, later, lightly, optimistically, pleasantly, predictably, probably, proximo, sanguinely, smilingly, soon, tomorrow, with bated breath, with breathless expectation, with good cheer, abjectly, anxious, apprehensive, apprehensively, aside, bashfully, behind the curtain, behind the scenes, behind the veil, between the teeth, covertly, diffidently, fearfully, for fear of, humbly, in a corner, in a whisper, in an aside, in darkness, in hidlings, in secret, in suspense, in the background, in the dark, keyed-up, meekly, modestly, mousily, nobody the wiser, on all fours, on bended knee, on edge, on tenterhooks, on tiptoe, out of earsho