Synonyms to annealed

hardened, Philistine, acclimated, acclimatized, accommodated, accustomed, adapted, adjusted, backed, brazen, calcified, callous, calloused, case-hardened, cold, cold of heart, coldblooded, coldhearted, conditioned, conscienceless, crusted, crusty, crystallized, experienced, familiarized, flinthearted, flinty, fossilized, granulated, hard, hard of heart, hard-boiled, hardhearted, heartless, hornified, impenitent, impervious, incrusted, indurate, indurated, insensitive, insolent, inured, lapidified, lost to shame, naturalized, obdurate, orientated, oriented, ossified, pachydermatous, petrified, proof against, reinforced, rigidified, run-in, sclerotic, seared, seasoned, set, shameless, solidified, steeled, steeled against, steely, stiffened, stony, stonyhearted, strengthened, tempered, thick-skinned, toughened, trained, unabject, unblushing, uncompassionate, uncontrite, unemotional, unfeeling, unmelted, unmerciful, unnatural, unrepentant, unrepenting, unresponsive, unsoftened, untouched, used to, vitrified, wont, wonted, aged, chastened, constrained, controlled, deve