Synonyms to and arithmetic

abecedary, abecedarium, alphabet book, battledore, casebook, elementary education, elements, exercise book, first steps, gradus, grammar, hornbook, initiation, introduction, manual, manual of instruction, primer, propaedeutic, reader, reading, rudiments, schoolbook, speller, spelling book, t, text, workbook, writing, adult education, continuing education, graduate education, higher education, liberal education, postgraduate education, primary education, secondary education, vocational education, Communion, Eucharist, Holy Communion, Host, Last Supper, Sacrament Sunday, alphabet, altar bread, basics, bread, bread and wine, calm weather, census, climate, clime, cold weather, composition, consecrated bread, consecrated elements, constituents, consubstantiation, content, contents, divisions, fair weather, first principles, forc