Synonyms to air-sea rescue

savior, Audubon Society, Jesus, King of Kings, Lamb of God, National Wildlife Service, Our Lord, Prince of Peace, Sierra Club, Son of God, champion, coast guard, conservationist, conservator, deliverer, emancipator, forest ranger, freer, game warden, keeper, liberator, lifeboat, lifeguard, lifesaver, manumitter, preservationist, preserver, ranger, redeemer, rescuer, safekeeper, salvation, saver, taxidermist, Naval Construction Battalion, RN, Royal Navy, Seabees, USN, United States Navy, advance guard, argosy, armada, armed guard, bank guard, cordon, cordon sanitaire, division, escadrille, fleet, flotilla, garrison, goalie, goalkeeper, goaltender, guard, guarder, guardsman, inlying picket, jailer, marine, merchant fleet, merchant marine, merchant navy, mosquito fleet, naval forces, naval militia, naval reserve, navy, outguard, outpost, picket, rear guard, security guard, squadron, task force, task group, train guard, van, vanguard, warder, Mae West, bolt-hole, breeches buoy, buoy, coas