Synonyms to air raid

air attack, air cover, air strike, air support, blitz, blitzkrieg, boarding, bombardment, bombing, cannonade, cover, dry run, escalade, fire raid, foray, incursion, inroad, invasion, irruption, lightning attack, lightning war, milk run, mission, raid, razzia, reconnaissance, reconnaissance mission, saturation raid, scaling, scramble, shuttle raid, sortie, strafe, strafing, training mission, umbrella, breakup, crack-up, diffusion, disintegration, dispersal, disruption, dissolution, exfoliation, fragmentation, revolution, scattering, shattering, aggravated assault, aggression, aim at, ambush, amphibious attack, area bombing, armed assault, assail, assailing, assailment, assault, attack, banzai attack, barrage, blast, blow to pieces, blow up, bomb, bombard, breakthrough, bushwhack, cannon, carpet bombing, charge, come at, come down on, commence firing, counterattack, countero