Synonyms to aimed

advised, aforethought, aimed at, calculated, conscious, considered, contemplated, deliberate, deliberated, designed, envisaged, envisioned, intended, intentional, knowing, meant, meditated, of design, planned, premeditated, prepense, projected, proposed, purposed, purposeful, purposive, reasoned, studied, studious, teleological, thought-out, voluntary, weighed, willful, witting, directive, actuating, admonitory, advisory, aimable, animating, causal, causative, cautionary, chief, commanding, communication, compelling, consultative, consultatory, controlling, decree, decretal, decretive, decretory, dictating, didactic, directed, directing, direction, directional, directorial, directory, dirigible, driving, edict, exhortative, exhortatory, expostulative, expostulatory, general orders, governing, guidable, guiding, head, hortative, hortatory, impelling, imperative, impulsive, inducive, instruction, instructive, jussive, leadable, leading, managerial, managing, mandating, memo, monitorial, monitory, moralistic, motivating, motivational, motive, moving, notice, obligating, on the mark, on the nose, per