Synonyms to aidful

good for, able to pay, ad valorem, advantageous, appraised, appropriate, assessed, banausic, beneficial, benign, bracing, commodious, conducive, constitutional, constructive, contributory, employable, evaluated, expedient, fitting, functional, furthersome, good, health-enhancing, health-preserving, healthful, healthy, helpful, hygeian, hygienic, invigorating, of general utility, of help, of service, of use, positive, practical, pragmatical, priced, prized, pro rata, profitable, proper, rated, refreshing, remedial, salubrious, salutary, sanitary, serviceable, solid, solvent, sound, substantial, therapeutic, tonic, unindebted, useful, utilitarian, valued, valued at, wholesome, worth, auspicious, benevolent, bon, bonny, braw, bueno, capital, cogent, commendable, effective, efficacious, elegant, estimable, excellent, fair, famous, favorable, fine, goodly, grand