Synonyms to affective

arresting, appealing, apprehension, arrestation, arrestment, attractive, conspicuous, dazzling, detention, electrifying, enchanting, extraordinary, fascinating, impressive, marked, moving, nab, outstanding, pickup, pinch, pointed, prominent, remarkable, salient, shocking, signal, striking, stunning, surprising, touching, characteristic, affection, appropriate, aroma, attribute, automatism, bad habit, badge, banner, birthmark, body-build, brand, cachet, cast, categorical, character, characteristics, characterizing, classificational, classificatory, compare, complexion, composition, configuration, constituents, constitution, constitutional, contrastive, crasis, creature of habit, custom, cut, defining, denominative, device, dharma, diacritical, diagnostic, diathesis, differencing, differentia, differential, differentiative, discriminating, discriminative, disposition, dispositional, distinctive, distinctive feature, distinguished, distinguishing, divisional, divisionary, earmark, emblematic, emotional, especial, ethos, exemplary, feature, fiber, figure, flavor, force of habit, frame,