Synonyms to addicted to

dependent on, addicted, answerable for, apt to, arising from, attributable to, based on, boxed in, capable of, caused by, circumscribed by, coming from, contingent, contingent on, dependent, depending, depending on, depending on circumstances, derivable from, due to, exposed to, habituated, habitue, hedged about by, hinging on, hooked, hooked on, in a rut, in danger of, incident to, incidental to, liable to, likely to, naked to, never free from, obliged to, occasioned by, open to, owing to, predicated on, prone to, ready for, responsible for, resulting from, revolving on, spaced out, standing to, subject to, susceptive to, turning on, used to, within range of, accessory, adherent, ancillary, appendage, appurtenant, at issue, attendant, buff, cascading, cavaliere servente, charge, childlike, circumscribed, client, collateral, conditional, conditioned, confiding, counting, courtier, creature, credulous, dangler, dangling, debased, depending on circum