Synonyms to ad-lib

caught short, astonished, caught napping, caught off balance, extemporaneous, extemporized, haphazard, hasty, impromptu, improvised, makeshift, precipitate, rough-and-ready, snap, struck with surprise, surprised, taken aback, taken by surprise, taken unawares, tripped up, unarranged, unbegun, unconcocted, uncontrived, undeliberated, undevised, unhatched, unmade, unmanufactured, unorganized, unplanned, unpremeditated, unprepared, unprimed, unready, unstudied, cook up, angle, beget, breed, brew, bring forth, bring into being, cabal, call into being, coin, collude, complot, conceive, concoct, connive, conspire, contrive, counterfeit, countermine, counterplot, dash off, design, develop, devise, discover, do offhand, dream up, engender, engineer, evolve, extemporize, fabricate, fake, fantasize, finagle, finesse, fix, forge, formulate, frame, frame up, fudge, generate, give being to, give rise to, hatch, hatch a plot, hatch up, hoke up, improvisate, improvise, intrigue, invent, jury-rig, knock off, lash up, lay a plot, machinate, make do with, make up, maneuver, manufacture, mature, mint, operate, or