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What are synonyms?

Synonyms are words that have the same or at least a similar meaning. Usually you can say that one word is synonymous with another. For example, the words "huge" and "big" are each other's synonyms.

Whether words are synonyms can depend on the context. "Big" and "great" are synonyms when "great" refers to size and not quality.

Synonyms are not restricted to a word class.

Why should synonyms be used?

Utilizing synonyms is a fairly simple method to divers the usage of words to make a text more pleasant to read. If a word is used very often then it might be a good idea to use synonyms. The sentences will then feel less repetitive, especially if the word in question is the first word in every sentence.

Synonyms are seldom exactly equal to each other. Synonyms are usually nuanced variation with slightly different meaning depending on the context. Due to this synonyms are a great way to emphasize characteristics, among other things. You can say that a "big house" is "gigantic" to emphasize that it is unusually big.